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Where are you?
Are you hurt, are you lost?
How did this happen?

Have i forgot what i pursue?
Whats this worth, whats it cost?
I can feel my heart tapping?

Haven't i paid all my dues?
Didn't i express my worth like a boss.
didn't you find me rapping?

Can you see what is true?
Do you know the "Cursed", "The Lost"?
ain't this just another reaction?

I'm i waning and waxing like the moon?
knee deep in this dirt, feet on this earth.
up until you find me crashing.
Is time on my side ?
All the time i find
I accumulate more chips out my side and dust my shoulders.
but, surprisingly i don't have enough time to just lose my mind.
beside every time i fly all the dust falls off and the chips help me glide.
When i'm up in the sky all my earthly troubles seem over.

...but, i'm only above it all sometimes...
My Pain
My Lonelyness
My Broken heart.
My Days Legnth
its End its Start.
My past and my future.

My nothing to do.
Alleviate Me with you.
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"Unattainable ends"
The Journey getting Longer
The night is not getting younger
The energy assumed the Fader
The death is only the Invader
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