Today's Truth: The pandemic-way of learning

A poem about new normal, a lesson of new world.

Today's the fruit of yesterday's truth. 

One day we learn with friends, today we learn away from them.

Yesterday, we strive together, today, we only have memories to remember.  

This truth of pandemic has caused lots of trouble,

bringing us in a situation not so subtle.


Once touching a paper, 

now screen's our touch-to-answer.

'Tis so lovely to run in a wide field,

but it's all gone, time to forget and be healed. 

Laughter between corridors, 

now thinking about it while leaning at the door.

A bountiful learning was transformed into a way that no one's shining. 



The melody of the voice as the teacher speaks,

echoes on my ear, realizing it was clicks. 

The continuous learning has paused, 

due to slow connection that charges high cost.

I never thought it'll be easy, 

I know this is a struggle for you and me. 

Online learning is far from the past.

It introduces us a difficult path.

But no matter what it takes,

always remember, your dream is what it makes.