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Funcidy Separates Itself From Competitors With Its Unique Features!


Funcidy is a social network that provides unlimited features (lacking from other networks) such as watching live movies, music videos and the likes while simultaneously providing the benefit of connecting with friends and family members. Funcidy allows users to follow and be followed unlimitedly; they can post pictures, status and/or tweet without limitations. In addition, they can make audio and video calls. Why this another social network? The rising issues of online stalking triggers the creator of Funcidy to come up with the best solutions. Have you ever wondered who visited your social pages or who was stalking you, but you have no knowledge of it? Funcidy pro member packages provide the tendencies to tell you who secretly visited your profiles or pages.

Funcidy is not designed to compete with any other social network, it brings its own unique features. It is designed to help aspiring individuals, marketers, bloggers, podcast hosts, radio hosts, actors, comedians, moviemakers, singers, rappers, beat makers, producers and songwriters to connect with global audience. Family members and friends can utilize the private chat (audio and video calls) features, and they can post pictures and videos of memories. Registration is free for all users; potential advertisers or talents have option to upgrade their accounts to pro members to boost posts and/or pages. If they choose, they can place ads that will appear across the home page to millions of users with no politics involved.

Any user can create and/or post blog through my article and publish it under category of his choices. Posting status can be done with background features or colors by selecting the icon next to the audio uploading icon. Users can publish fundraising projects with no fraudulent intentions (violators will be banned and removed from the site). Through the market link, users can sell and buy items of their choices; employers can create jobs to attract job hunters. Free and paid movies would be available through the movies link. In addition, we are in the process of working with movie makers across the world to bless our users with free and live TV episodes - funding by sponsorships from marketers around the world.

Invite your friends and family memebers to join. Funcidy -Where The Greatness of Fun Lives!

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