What to expect in motherhood? -my own personal experience.

Motherhood is not all about being happy everyday. All experiences are based on my daily struggles, challenges, and tasks as a new parent. For this article, i'll show how to manage my everyday struggles, challenges, and tasks that you may follow. ?

I am a mom to a beautiful baby girl. She's one year old, very active, clingy, has a strong personality, playful, and cheerful. Here are my daily struggles and challenges, and how I manage these things. 


1. Since I am a working mom, I need to wake up early to prepare our breakfast and lunch. The thing is as a parent we want to have a variety of food to offer to our little ones. Sometimes its very difficult to think about what to prepare. How I managed this? First, I think of a simple ways of food preparation for my baby. Food should be age appropriate. For 1 year old, greek yogurt, vegetables, porridge, and fruits are the easiest and healthiest food that you can give to your baby at 1 year old. You can also do some banana pancakes. ??

2. Entertaining your kid. This is by far one of the most challenging task that I need to do. Kids these days don't run out of energy and they need to be entertained alot if you dont have little other humans that your baby can play with. So, how do I entertain my kid? Toys, play with your kid with their toys. No need to buy new ones, you can create your own toy. Bathing time--my baby loves to take a bath so we decided to buy a pool. ??

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