Are You a Carrier?

Difference of being a COVID-19 virus carrier and being a carrier of God's glory.

As Christ is alive in you, let the glory of God shine through you in these dark and evil days. Be a carrier of God's glory not a carrier of covid19 virus. As covid is transmittd by the breath and touch of the infected to cause harm and death, the Breath and touch of God in you and through you brings life. The "words" of the infected brings harm but the Words that I (Jesus Christ) speaks, they are spirit and they are life - a quickening spirit! This is the message of the Holy Spirit. GLORY TO GOD! Thank you Jesus!


We are the light of this world and salt of the earth.  Let us not waste our time being entangled by the affairs of this world.  Let us do the "Father's business" and that is to proclaim Christ wherever we are.  I am grateful for this platform.  This is another opportunity that I can share the goodness of God and the gift of salvation through Christ.  



Honey Lim

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