Digital Tools like Store Coupons What place for buyer-supplier relationship?

Digital Tools like Store Coupons What place for buyer-supplier relationship?

Digital transformation now affects all companies from large industries to public bodies. By integrating new digital tools meant to transform and improve the organization, purchasing managers intend to optimize their services.

However, these tools are only present to facilitate and support employees in their missions. The objective of this conference was to highlight the interest of digital tools during reorganization work in purchasing departments without forgetting the role of humans, because is not the digital revolution based above all on a reorganization of relationships between human beings?

How does digital technology impact the purchasing function?
Today, digital tools are more and more essential in the purchasing process of organizations The challenges of modernization affecting the function encourage managers to integrate new modes of organization by relying on platforms or innovative software. The objective is to allow the purchasing department to optimize their mission within organizations but also to improve the relationship with the various stakeholders in the process.

“Digital tools make it possible to optimize resources, particularly in the context of a call for tenders where we will centralize data and thus simplify the process. .

Digital technology is essential to the modernization of services, but all that should remain is help for the buyer just like inform of merchant coupons, who must retain his role and must remain at the center of the function.

People must take precedence over digital tools
People must remain an actor in these developments, retain control of the tools and processes put in place, ensure their coordination and above all humanize the relationship with suppliers .

The role of the buyer changes dimension, but ensures the same nature which is to find the best solution with all the partners. The tools are there to help find solutions, in particular by saving time on administrative tasks, for example, or by using tools that make it possible to manage large volumes of purchases. Today, a buyer must go to larger dimensions - geographically but also in terms of skills - while retaining the human aspect.

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