Intellectual Property

Learning about what Intellectual property is and knows how it works, you get assurance that your work will be protected. And I guess it will improve my life as I would produce more designs and will have the rights as the creator.

There has been circulating on the internet especially on TikTok that Shein, a famous fashion brand has been stealing designs and artworks from creators and designers to sell. This is one of the example of copyrights. Small business owners and designers suffer as a result of this, since they work hard to produce unique designs just to have them stolen and resold for a lower price. And these are some of the creators who felt devastated that their work were stolen and saw it on the website of Shein.


I learned what intellectual property is. And how it is important for a person or company especially in this time of pandemic, almost everyone is creating and building their own small businesses. Make sure to protect your products or services, as competitors may try to steal market share from you, resulting in slow growth or income loss. If trying to track down the offending party without any legal protection, losing market share early in a company’s development may be tragic and time consuming. It’s crucial to remember that no one else will check to see whether your intellectual property has been infringed upon; it’s up to you to make sure no one else is making use of your assets.

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